SAPNA SHARMA (MSCDFSM , weight management & Disease management Expert , nutritional coach , Public Speaker, Counselor)

I am MSC in Dietitics and food Service management. My passion is guiding and helping people reawakening their inner wisdom with food, movement and body image. Life is all about so much more then achieving a certain body or weight and I want to help you discover that and build relationship with food. Our body deserve to be treated with kindness and respect as they are our vehicle for a full, flourishing life.

As a Clinical Dietitians we also follow a Holistic approach to healing, taking into consideration the whole person mind , body and soul. Apart from weight management we are specialized in nutritional counselling and help patient recover from any medical condition through food therapy , which is a comprehensive approach that encompasses physical, mental and spiritual well – being.

MADHUR CHOUDHARY (Nutritionist, Transformation Coach, weight management Expert, Public Speaker)

I am certified sports and clinical nutritionist as well as transformation coach. I find my happiness in transforming life of other people through a holistic and comprehensive food therapy approach. It is possible to transform your life inside out, and create a life you love on your path to a limitless potential through the right insight we provide you. Its important to build a healthy relationship with your body, soul and food.

Why Eat Healthy stay fit?

We focus on the requirement of the person and guide them to reach their individual goals through their natural environment and by understanding the body type. We don’t give any starving diet rather we focus on right calorie intake by selecting the best type of food that the person can eat and enjoy as well. We always Say ‘Eat what you want but our way’. The main focus is to make a lifestyle modification rather than a short term intervention which could give someone temporary satisfaction.

We make people understand the importance of food and its relation with the body and the soul, because inner peace also plays a very important role when we talk about healthy life. It is not a short term goal it’s a lifelong modification and transformation that we provide.

Vision and Mission

Our goal is to make our country a healthier place by incorporating heathier lifestyle free from all the medical condition. As the Problem is your lifestyle and your choices.

Since 2017 ….

Our primary credentials

  • 2+ Centers in Mumbai and online consultation
  • 6 years of experience
  • More than 1 Thousand clients.

WHO Definition of Health :

Health is a state of Complete Physical ,Mental and Social Well being and not just merely an absence of disease.









I’m thankful for my strunggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.